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*Special Maintenance Pricing Available***See "Prices" Page*

Brazilian Bikini Waxing

AKA "Hair Down There" for Men & Women

We use high quality hard wax to create a more comfortable experience with less irritation. Take all the hair off, or leave what you'd like. Prices range from $43 (for a bikini wax) and up to $75 (for a full Brazilian). A full Brazilian includes: lower abdomen, full genital area, up to three inches on thighs, and a buttocks strip. 15-30minutes


Full Buttocks may be added on for only $20 more.  Or, as a stand alone service for $35 - 15 minutes

Full Body & Face Waxing

We use a combination of hard & soft waxes to give you the best results possible. Click on the "Prices" page  for a more detailed listing of exact body areas and pricing.




The art of applying real Swarovsky Crystal designs with skin safe adhesive to the lower abdomen. Traditionally done after a Brazilian Wax or Before a Spray Tan, but it can also be applied onto freshly shaved skin. Custom designs are available for an upcharge, and designs can safely be applied to other areas of the body as well.

This may be added to a Bikini or Brazilian Wax for only $10

or as a Stand Alone Service for $15



Specializing in Eyebrow Shaping:

We take measurements of your face & facial features to create the Perfect Brow for you!  Natural looking Men's Brows are also a specialty.

All Eyebrow Shaping and Brow Maintenance Includes Trimming as well.

Red Carpet Eyebrow Design - $32 - 15 minutes

Eyebrow Maintenance & Clean-Ups - $18

Men's Brows $12


Lip, Chin, Sideburns, Hairline, Ears, Nose, Hands, OR Feet Waxing - $10 Each


Full Face Waxing - $35


Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Specific lash & brow colors are used for a safe experience. Multiple colors to choose from to match the shade you desire.

$15 Each, or do Both for $25 - 15 minutes

Permanent Hair Reduction


May be added on to any waxing service. It takes 5-15 Sessions for Permanent Hair Reduction. This is an affordable alternative to laser. Works on ANY skin tone or hair texture; works on ANY hair color including Blond, Grey, & Reds.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  A serum is mixed together that is activated at your appointment immediately after waxing. The serum is applied to open pores directly after waxing. The enzyme works to block the hair follicle from oxygen; hair needs oxygen to live. The enzyme blocks and surrounds the root bed so that oxygen can not get to the root; essentially starving to death without the oxygen. After 72 hours the enzyme dissipates so it will not clog or irritate the pore or the skin. That's it! Permanent Hair Reduction in 5-15 Sessions.   

$25-$50 Extra per Treatment Area (in Addition to Waxing Costs)

Spray Tans

Done by hand, with well researched products, you will love this customized airbrush spray tan complete with complimentary body contouring. We have several color options to look bronze and match your skin tone. Choose to have a very light healthy looking glow, or a deep Caribbean looking tan. We also offer tans for fitness & body building competitors. No orange or brassiness, no streaks, and no bad smells. You may choose to wear nothing at all while being sprayed, or wear underwear or a swim suit if you prefer tan lines. Please arrive with no lotions or oils on your body. Prices range from $35-$120. 15 minutes

Upgrades to Spray Tans Available:

PH Balance Spray $5  (helps to prep skin Ph so your tan goes on more evenly and lasts longer)

Lock It In Moisturizing Spray $5 (helps you dry faster and not feel as sticky while your tan is setting in, plus it hydrates your skin to help your tan last 1-2 days longer!)

Glitter $5 (added into your spray tan for day-of events to give your skin a unique glow)

Packages Available For Discounted Pricing - Inquire Within

On-Site Mobile Spray Tans also available - Inquire for Pricing

Skin Irregularity & 

Spider Vein Treatments

Quickly remove unwanted skin irregularities and spider veins with our Skin Sheek machine. In up to 14 days your skin will be free and clear of the following conditions listed below. Most only require 1 treatment. Some may require 2-4 Treatments. 

$35 per spot  OR  $75 for 15 min.

Chemical Peels

Available in varying strengths; mild to deep. Most of our chemical peels require no down time (all cell turnover is completed during the treatment). Some peels may have downtime up to two weeks. All peels are done under the medical direction of a physician with a pharmaceutical grade skin care line.  A skin consultation is required for new clients before you can have a peel. Most deeper peels require the use of a Vitamin A & C product 2 weeks before and after your peel to ensure safe results.

All peels also include a calming and hydrating treatment during your session.

15 min.  Prices range from $75-$105

1 month supply of medical Vitamin A & C product is available for $35.

Add a chemical peel onto your facial for only $20-$40 more

Skin Consultation

A skin consultation will set up your skin care goals, identify what your skin needs, create a treatment plan, and determine if you are a candidate for chemical peels. This is mandatory for new chemical peel clients to ensure safety.

Your consultation will also include cleansing and moisturizing with a detailed skin analysis.  Contact us to ask about packages that may include a consultation or reduce the cost.         15 min.  $45


Facials - Customized & Result Oriented

Experience the best with Environ Medical Skin Care.


All one hour facials include: Skin Analysis, Deep Cleansing with Steam, Deep Exfoliation, Extractions, Face/Neck/Shoulder Massage, Mask, Vitamin Treatment, Eye Cream, Moisturizer, & SPF. 

Facials can be customized for any of the following concerns/conditions: Anti-Aging, Vitamin Therapy, Men, Teen, Acne, Rosacea, Sensitive Skin, and more!

Scalp, Arm, Hand, and Foot Massage also included in one hour facials. $95


30 Minute Express Facials

Refreshes skin for a quick pick-me-up. Perfect for a first time facial treat or for a gift! Includes deep cleansing with steam, extractions, mask, moisturizer & SPF.  All 30 minute facials include Arm, Hand, Neck, & Face Massage.  $55


Back Facials

Includes deep cleansing to reduce break-outs and irritation along with a soothing massage treatment, extractions, and customized body mask. Also includes a scalp massage!

$75 - 45 minutes

Bust & Butt Facial Treatments

You've heard about these treatments from Celebrities and in cities such as New York, LA, and Miami, and now we are proud to offer them here! Exfoliate, tone & tighten Breasts OR your Buttocks. Either area also includes a scalp massage!

$65 - 30 minutes

Have Both for only $105 - 60 minutes


Bikini Ingrown Hair Treatments   AKA  "Vajacial"

This is a very specific treatment for unsightly and stubborn in-grown hair on your skin "down below". A perfect add-on after a Brazilian Wax, or ideal for those who choose to shave instead of waxing and need to reduce irritation from shaving and/or irritated skin. Brightens, tightens, smoothes and hydrates skin.

Includes deep cleansing, a mild peel or exfolliant , extracting in-grown hairs, soothing vitamin application, and hydrating mask with moisturizer!

30 minutes, $55

Contact to ask about a discounted rate when adding onto a Brazilian wax


Intimate Skin Brightening / Lightening 

AKA  "Anal / Genital Bleaching" 

Now Available!  Safe for ALL body areas (including face, underarms, and intimate areas)

Treatments Starting at $125        15 min.

Add on additional body areas for only $25 per area!

Ultimate Body Treatment

Renew tired and dull skin with a full body sugar scrub, hot towel compressions, and a relaxation massage with heated stones. Available in Pineapple & Coconut for the feeling of a tropical escape, or unscented.

60 minutes,  $75

Customized Relaxation Massage*

Heal your body and mind with a full body or area specific massage.

30 min  $45

60 min  $75

90 min  $105

Add Aromatherapy or Stones for $5 more

*Massage is only available by separate providers - based on availability.