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Go Bare Spa & Skin Clinic

Call or Text: 440-665-9904


Hours of Operation:

All Hours By Appointment Only!

Monday: Closed (By Appointment)

Tuesday: 9:30am-8:00pm

Wednesday: 9:30pm -8:00pm

Thursday: 9:30am-8:00pm

Friday: 9:30am-8:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am-4:00pm

Sunday: Closed

Extended Hours For Groups or Events

Address (20 min east of downtown Cleveland)

Downtown Willoughby

38114 3rd St.

Willoughby, OH 44094

We are next to Allstate  and  Harmony Yoga Studios:

you may park anywhere in the parking lot next to our building

Our Affiliated Aesthetic Physician, Dr. Gloria A Roman, MD of GloSkin, can be reached by her phone (calls and texts) at:


or by E-Mail at:


We require a valid credit card on file to schedule an appointment; or pre-payment. 50% of your appointment may be requested up front as a booking fee for  services.

Cancelling, rescheduling, sickness, arriving late, or not showing up for your scheduled appointment(s) within 48 hours may result in a 50% booking fee to be charged. Cancellations due to sickness must be texted to us before the scheduled start time of your appointment to be considered for no fees at 440-665-9904. No Exceptions. Not showing up for your appointment without calling or communicating ahead of time will be charged 100% of the service cost.

Please fill out our updated cancellation policy form online - updated January 3, 2022:

Your Pre-Wedding Checklist

-6 to 12 months in advance

1. Schedule Hair trial __

2. Schedule Make-Up trial __

3. Perfect Skin Care Routine (facials and products) __

4. Begin Nail Treatment __

-3 Months in Advance

1. Schedule Facials & Chemical peels__

2. Schedule All Waxing __

-2 Months in Advance

1. Trial Hair__

2. Trial Make-Up __

3. Trial Spray Tan __

-2 Weeks in Advance

1. Get Final Haircut __

2. Touch up Hair Color __

3. Confirm big day appointments! __

4. Final Facial __

- 2-4 Days in Advance - In This Order!

1. Body Waxing __

2. Manicure & Pedicure __

3. Spray Tan __

-Day of Wedding

1. Make-Up __

2. Hair __

Keep reading for a more in detail do and don't list. 

Your Pre-Wedding Do's and Don'ts


1. Make sure your trial is at least three weeks,

but no more than five weeks before your wedding.

- You want to do this so you know how your hair, face,

and skin is going to look on your big day.

2. While at your trial for your hair and makeup,

you should wear a shirt close to the color of your dress.

-You want to do so, so that you have an idea what

you will look like for your wedding.

3. If you are going to get a chemical peel, make

sure to do it at least 2-3 weeks before your big day.

-This is because your skin might still be peeling

when it's time to say "I do" if you do it any later

than that.

4. Trust your esthetician when it comes to home care.

-If you want your skin to look it absolute best

trust what your esthetician says to do at home.

5. Get waxed two to three days before your wedding

make sure to do so before getting a spray tan.

-This goes for all waxing no matter the area you

are getting waxed!

6.Get your nails done before you get a spray tan.

-If you choose to get your nails professionally done

they are going to mess up tan if you get it after

you get a spray tan.

7. Get your spray tan one to two days before your

wedding. (not before your wax)

-Spray tans look best in the first to three days

that you get them, so you don't want to get it any

later or sooner then that.


1. Do NOT get a body scrub , pedicure, or facial

after your tan try to do all things like this before

your tan.

-If you get any of these services after you get a

spray tan you will be blotchy and your tan will

need to be removed completely and reapplied. 

2.Don't start a new skin care routine the same week

as your wedding, ask your esthetician what is best for

your skin a few weeks before hand.

-If you start a new routine with your skin you will regret

it, your skin might not react the way you want it to.

3. Do not get a haircut later than a month or two

-if there is a mishap with the cut, or you just don't like, it you

should give time for you to be able to fix it.

4. Do not change your regular skin care, birth control,

or washing detergent less than 6 weeks before your wedding.

-Changing things like this can really irritate your skin.

5. Don't flat iron your hair every day

-For the big day you want your hair in the best condition, heat

damage isn't a good way to achieve that.

6. Do not skip water!

-Double your intake of water at least one month

before your wedding to keep your skin clear and glowing.

7.Don't pick at your skin.

-Let those pimples big or small be.

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