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Go Bare Spa & Skin Clinic

Call or Text: 440-665-9904


Hours of Operation:

All Hours By Appointment Only!

Monday: Closed (By Appointment)

Tuesday: 9:30am-8:00pm

Wednesday: 9:30pm -8:00pm

Thursday: 9:30am-8:00pm

Friday: 9:30am-8:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am-4:00pm

Sunday: Closed

Extended Hours For Groups or Events

Address (20 min east of downtown Cleveland)

Downtown Willoughby

38114 3rd St.

Willoughby, OH 44094

We are next to Allstate  and  Harmony Yoga Studios:

you may park anywhere in the parking lot next to our building

Our Affiliated Aesthetic Physician, Dr. Gloria A Roman, MD of GloSkin, can be reached by her phone (calls and texts) at:


or by E-Mail at:


We require a valid credit card on file to schedule an appointment; or pre-payment. 50% of your appointment may be requested up front as a booking fee for  services.

Cancelling, rescheduling, sickness, arriving late, or not showing up for your scheduled appointment(s) within 48 hours may result in a 50% booking fee to be charged. Cancellations due to sickness must be texted to us before the scheduled start time of your appointment to be considered for no fees at 440-665-9904. No Exceptions. Not showing up for your appointment without calling or communicating ahead of time will be charged 100% of the service cost.

Please fill out our updated cancellation policy form online - updated January 3, 2022:

*Pre and Post Care for Chemical Peels

Pre-chemical peel:

-Refrain from any other chemical peels.

In the two weeks leading up to your peel, it is very important that you do not use any other chemical peels, there should be at least 14 days between each peel.

-Avoid microdermabrasion treatments.

Microdermabrasion treatments work similar to chemical peels, except this treatment uses a gentle abrasive tool to peel off the outer layer of skin. If you are planning on having a chemical peel performed, you should avoid having a microdermabrasion treatment for at least 14 days before the procedure.

-Cut out tanning booths.

Tanning, includes the use of artificial UV radiation in tanning booths, can cause significant damage to the skin. For this reason, it is imperative that anyone planning on having a chemical peel should avoid tanning for at least two to three weeks before the treatment.

-Be gentle on your skin.

As you prepare for a chemical peel, you will need to refrain from waxing your skin or using chemical depilatory (hair removal) treatments for at least five to seven days before treatment.You should also avoid all chemical injection treatments, including Botox and collagen injections, for at least one week before the treatment.

Post-Chemical peel:

- Do not Exfoliate.

It is so important to not remove the dry skin before its time and to let the skin shed naturally. Facial scrubs and acids will only irritate the irritation further and could result in scarring the skin.

- Do not over-moisturize to compensate for post-peeling dryness.

When the skin is peeling and flaky, it’s normal to want to apply heavier moisturizer to alleviate dryness and comfort the irritated skin. The whole purpose of a chemical peel is to peel. So to hydrate peeling skin when it wants to shed off, will not give you the best benefit and prolongs the down-time of the peel. Just use your regular moisturizer and let the skin do what it wants to do.

-Sun Protection

Shielding your skin from the sun is critical following all types and strengths of chemical peels. It's best to avoid the sun completely in the first seven to 14 days after a peel unless you are wearing sunscreen. Unprotected skin is at risk of developing blotchy patches or irregular skin coloring following a peel. 

*Pre-Post care waxing 

Before Waxing (Prep)

-Shower and/or arrive with clean skin.

-Exfoliate a couple days before waxing to remove any dead skin. (use a real Loofah with gentle soap, a sugar scrub, or a chemical exfoliant; such as: Go Bare Skin Care's loofah soap, lavender sugar scrub, pineapple double scrub, or Relax N Wax's Get the Bump Outta Here)

-You may choose to wear cotton underwear and loose fitting clothing after your wax for a more comfortable experience.

-You may choose to take Ibuprofen or use a topical numbing cream; such as: Relax N Wax's No Scream Cream about 45 minutes before your service to reduce pain and reduce inflammation.

-Your Hair needs to be at least 1/4 an inch long in order to wax - this means At Least 2 weeks without shaving or trimming.

Only trim your hair if it's longer than 1 inch. Be careful not to trim any hair shorter than 1/4 and inch!

-Avoid sun tanning or tanning beds 48 hours before your wax.

After Waxing (Post Care)

-Keep the area clean from bacteria; avoid touching or scathing freshly waxed skin. You may apply Go Bare Skin Care's Healing Balm, Relax N Wax's No Trauma Momma, real Aloe, or Polystyrene to soothe irritated skin and protect the skin as needed, up to 3 days after your wax.

-Avoid sun tanning or tanning beds 48 hours after your wax - use SPF 15-30 when in the sun as an extra precaution on waxed skin. Environs Sunscreen has SPF 25 with Antioxidants for added protection.

-Avoid excessive heat such as hot baths, sauna, steam rooms, vigorous exercise, or sexual friction for 48 hours to let the skin heal. Do not allow sweat to sit on your skin.

-Avoid chemicals on the skin from chlorinated Jacuzzi, pools, or fragrant lotions for 48 hours.

Use an antibacterial soap, or a calming gentle soap to clean the skin daily; such as Go Bare Skin Care's Gentle Loofah Soap or Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar Soap.

-After the first few days, use a manual scrub and a chemical exfoliation daily to prevent ingrown hairs. Many people need both types of scrubs to prevent irritation. Manual scrubs are real Loofahs, sugar or salt scrubs; such as Go Bare Skin Care's Lavender Sugar Scrub, Pineapple Double Scrub, or Gentle Loofah soap.

-Chemical Exfoliates work a little deeper for those who need it to prevent irritation or prevent ingrown hair such as Relax and Wax's Get the Bump Outta Here, or Tend Skin. To prevent irritation you can add dead sea salts to your bathwater to assist the healing process should any bumps or pimples appear.

*Pre and post care for facials


-Avoid using exfoliating products at least four days before your facial.

Since most facial treatments in the U.S. include an exfoliating treatment such as an enzyme or acid peel or ultrasonic exfoliation, you don’t want to over-sensitize your skin. You should avoid using any scrubs, acids, or retinol products beforehand

-Men should shave the morning of their facial appointment.

Because a facial treatment includes a face, neck, and shoulder massage, if a man has too much stubble, an esthetician will avoid this are because she doesn’t want to irritate her hands, and therefore, this area of the face can get neglected.

-Do not wax Within 24 Hours of Your Facial

Waxing strips the skin of its topmost cells like a form of aggressive exfoliation, and immediately getting a facial on this sensitized skin is asking for trouble.

-Do not Spend Time in the Sun the Day Before

The great thing about facials is that they can go a long way in repairing sun damage like pigmentation, but your skin needs a chance to rest after sun exposure.



Over-zealous scrubbing and harsh cleansers can leave skin that’s already undergone exfoliation and extraction feeling irritated. During your facial, your esthetician has already performed the deep cleansing and exfoliation you might otherwise do weekly or monthly, so give your face a break from vigorous scrubbing for at least 48 hours after your session.

-Be especially tender with your skin

Extractions are sometimes necessary for clearer skin in the long run, but they leave your skin vulnerable right after your appointment. Your aesthetician will apply soothing and protective products to minimize post-facial breakouts, but avoid using non-sterile makeup applicators on your face or touching your hands to your skin too often following a facial that includes extraction.

-Don’t use at-home peels or Retin A/Renova for at least 72 hours.

Alpha-hydroxy acid peels plus vitamin A is a recipe for redness. Give your skin a two- or three-day break from potent at-home products after a treatment.

- Stay out of the sun.

Even incidental sun exposure can cause sun damage and skin cancer. And since 100 percent of facials involve a scrub or a peel (anti-aging facials often include both), you’ve got a new batch of vulnerable skin cells on the surface that can easily burn.

*Spray Tans:

Before Your Tan:

-Any waxing or shaving should be done prior to your spray tan.

-You should also exfloiate with Bora Bora Body Polish behore hand.

-On the day of your tan it is OK to wear lotion, dark undergarment(s), flip fops, and loose dark clothing (as cosmetic bronzer may rub off). The spray tan will only stain Satin and silk clothing (will wash out of everything else).

After Your Tan:

- When the job is done, you are going to want to wait to shower, swim,get caught in the rain, or sweat (as much as you can help it) for at least eight hours. Wait two/four hours if you got the express spray tan.

- The tan will last for about a week or two, you can use Tahitian Tan Mist for your hands, face, and feet (they will fade faster).

- If you have had excessive water exposure you can use the Tahitian Tan Extender to prolong your tan. 

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