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Tanning Services

Spray Tans
for Men & Women

Done by hand, with well researched products, you will love this customized airbrush spray tan complete with complimentary body contouring.

We have several color options to look bronze and match your skin tone. Choose to have a very light healthy looking glow, or a deep Caribbean looking tan.  No orange or brassiness, no streaks, and no bad smells. You may choose to wear nothing at all while being sprayed, or wear underwear or a swim suit if you prefer tan lines.

Please arrive with no lotions or oils on your body. It is best to exfoliate your skin before arriving. You will not be able to shower, get wet, or sweat for 8 hours after your tan!

15 minutes

Competition Spray Tans

We offer tans for fitness & body building competitors; as well as dancers, cheerleaders, and gymnasts.
We are proud to offer Liquid Sun Rayz tanning solutions for competition tanning!
30 min

Photography Spray Tans

Whether you have a photo shoot or a television appearance, we can meet your needs with our custom spray tans.

Upgrades to Spray Tans Available:

PH Balance Spray $5  helps to prep skin Ph so your tan goes on more evenly and lasts longer - we have 2 Ph Sprays - one is always complimentary, and the higher end product includes antioxidants and botanicals for an upcharge

Lock It In Moisturizing Spray $5   helps you dry faster and not feel as sticky while your tan is setting in, plus it hydrates your skin to help your tan last 1-2 days longer!

Glitter $5  added into your spray tan for day-of events to give your skin a subtle glow (glitter will wash off when you shower)

Extra Bronzer   $10   if you want to be extra dark the day of your tan (the extra bronzer will wash off when you shower)

Express Formula  $10  if you'd like to shower in 2-4 hours (instead of 8 hours)

Clear Formula  $10  if you'd like no bronzer applied to your skin (to reduce rub-off)

Ex-Fo Mitt  +$6   great to give yourself a quick full body exfoliation directly before your tan. Perfect for those who didnt get to shower before arrival!

Drying Powder:  Always Complimentary

Hot Towel: Always Complimentary

VIP Spray Tan is $10 more and includes all the add-ons!

Packages Available For Discounted Pricing - See Prices Page

On-Site Mobile Spray Tans also available - Inquire for Pricing