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Spray Tanning F.A.Q's

What is the difference between a manual spray tan and a machine operated spray tan?

A manual (done by hand) spray tan is completely customized. Every detail from the shade of the tan, to body contouring is possible and included! You can even choose to have certain areas darker or lighter. The machine operated spray tan has one standard color for all and one standard setting based on the majority of body types.

Is a spray tan really safe for me?

Yes! Unlike the sun or tanning beds, there are no UV Rays admitted during a spray tan session. DHA is what actually tans you, which is derived from sugar. It reacts with your body's natural amino acids over a 24 hour period to darken the skin to a natural appearance. Different percentages in our solution of DHA is used to customize your color; Ranging from 8% to 15% DHA.

How long does a spray tan actually last?

It can last up to 2 weeks but typically the first 4-5 days look the best. Your tan will slowly and naturally fade as your top layer of skin regenerates. You can apply lotoin daily to keep your skin hydrated and help your tan last longer.

If I want a spray tan for a special event when should I get it?

It is strongly recommended you get your first tan a couple weeks before your event so you can try out the solution and find the perfect color. When it comes time for the event, it is best to do the tan 1-2 days before.

How long do I have to wait to shower after my spray tan?

Depending on which solution we choose, you can shower and/or sweat anywhere from 2-8 hours after your spray tan. The DHA needs time to react before you can shower. When you forst shower you will see bronzer coming off in the shower. You are NOT losing your tan; this is simply a cosmetic bronzer that is rinsing off. Your tan will fully develop within 24 hours. If you desire a darker tan, it is safe to sleep in the solution as well.

What do I wear for a spray tan session?

You may choose to wear nothing and tan nude, or wear underwear or a swim suit if you prefer some tan lines. We can provide a disposable thong if you don't want to wear your own. The cosmetic bronzer can stain satin or silk, so please wear any other type of clothing during or after your spray tan to protect your clothing. The bronzer will wash out of white or light materials, but it may rub off onto your clothes before your first shower. Most people prefer to wear dark and loose fitting clothing with open toed shoes after a spray tan.

Do I Have To Do Anything Special to Prep for a Tan?

It is recommended to shower, shave, and exfoliate before your spray tan. Exfoliating before your tan will get rid of dead, dry skin and help the tan last longer. Do Not apply any lotions or oils prior to your tan as these could stop the absorption of DHA. We will also spray you complimentary with a Ph Balance spray right before your tan to allow your tan to go on more even and last longer.

What Can I Do At Home To Keep My Tan Looking Better and Make It Last Longer?

While it's great to exfoliate Before your tan, exfoliating After your tan will make it fade faster because you will be sloughing off the dead skin. Moisturizing to keep your skin hydrated will also extend your tan. The spray tan company makes a variety of home care products based on your direct needs. There are moisturizers with a low percentage of DHA in them you can use daily to extend your tan, and even specific facial moisturizers with DHA. There are touch up sprays available to touch up areas that fade faster, such as your face, hands and feet; available in small travel sizes or larger sizes that can be used for an at home full body spray tan. Specially formulated exfolients and body washes are also available to prolong the ife of your tan and keep your skin healthy. Talk to your technician if you have any specific questions about home care.

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